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Noor Academy News

School Choice Leadership Award

In recognition of tireless dedication toward providing all children with access to effective  education options and for participation in National School Choice Week 2018, please Join us in congratulating Noor Academy of Arizona on receipt of the School Choice Leadership Award.

Many thanks to our staff, students and community members who facilitated this success. May The Divine add favor in it, Allah yabarak Feehee!



Quran Competition Winners





(Grade )

First Place Second Place Third Place
Group 1


Kalid Omar

Khadejah Bennekaa

Imran Abdullahi

Lama Almohtasib

Leyah Alnatsheh

Zakaria Fayad

Hasan Syed

Asiya Nurse

Group 2


Rita Mohamed Sumayah Abdi

Mariam Alsoubaii

Ibrahim Dalieh

Yusef  Hafez

Mohammad Hussein

Noora Quadri

Ayni Rage

Salman Sharif

Rayan Siad

Anas Omar
Group 3

1st Grade

Rowda Abdi Asiya Omar

Rahimah Popal

Abdifatah Abdullahi

Abdalrahman Almohtasib

Rayan Bilan Mohamed

First Place Second Place Third Place
Group 4

2nd Grade

Aisha Muhudin

Qarshi Omar

Aisha Hussein Mustafa Osman

Riyan Abdi

Group 5

3rd Grade

Sabarin Sharif Ashaladan Rage

Salma Hassan

Razina Hilowle

Rawda Hassan

Group 6

4th & 5th Grades

Maryama Osman Yahye Siad Salma Hilowle
Group 7

6th Grade

Farhan Omar Mohamedkhani Hussein

Shaza Mohamed

Mohaned Abdallah

Shahida Popal


Fire Department visit

fire department visit (1)


Dear Parents,

Noor Academy of Arizona has scheduled a Tempe Fire Department visit to our school on Monday January 29th, 2018 from 9:00 am – 10:25 am Inshallah. They will be educating our students on the importance of their safety and students will also conduct tour to the fire truck.


Quran Competition



Our NAA Quran Competition that will be held on Friday January 26th, 2018 from 8:15 am to 10:30 am.

Your contribution to the Quran Competition is greatly appreciated. You can stop by the front desk anytime to make a donation to help the school and its students to achieve a great outcome and a very successful event Inshallah.

Parents are more than welcome to attend.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at frontdesk@nooracademyaz.com or phone at 480-829-1443

ur NAA Quran Competition that will be held on Friday January 26th, 2018 from 8:15 am to 10:30 am. 


Calendar 2018 are here to purchase



We are excited to announce that our 2018 Calendars are now available at the front desk for purchase only for $10 each
Tutoring Program

tutorNoor Academy of Arizona is dedicated to help students to realize their individual academic potentials. To polish their skills our school is offering an after school tutoring program starting from October 30th, 2017 for Language Arts & Math. Tutoring session will last about 30 minutes after school dismissal time from 3:00 pm till 3:30 pm every Monday and Wednesday.

School Clubs


ASA Parents,

This year we have decided to do something new for our student!We are starting our Clubs from Friday’s 20th October, 2017,after Jumua Salah.We will have four clubs and students will rotate so each student will get the chance to expand their knowledge in many different areas. The following are short descriptions of each club:
· Stem Club: students will get engaged in learning with different science and math projects
· Gardening Club: Students will contribute to beautifying the school and learn about nature by planting flowers,vegetables and seeds
· Board Game Club: Students will enhance their social skills by playing board games and talking with friends
· Drama Club: Students will enhance their public speaking skills by creating characters, costumes and plays
All parents are welcome to participate!

New Teacher announcement!

It is with great pleasure that Noor Academy of Arizona announce the hiring of new faculty member Mrs Corinne Laimeche. We are delighted to welcome her to our school.
Here is a short Bio of our new member:

“My name is Corinne Laimeche. I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, and graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I am married and have four children, enjoy reading, traveling, and volunteering in the community. I have previously taught at all levels, primarily in the 1st and 5th grades, and this is my first year teaching at Noor Academy. I have been very involved with youth soccer, many community programs, and leading my daughter’s Girl Scout troop for the last 10 years. I enjoy teaching and helping my students to grow and learn every day and look forward to a successful year!”Welcome-New-teachers

Picture Re Take Day

If your child have missed the picture day which was held on 2nd October 2017 at the school, please send them on Picture Re take Day which will be held on 20th March, 2018 Inshallah



New Teacher Announcement


Dear Families,

It is with great pleasure we are announcing the inclusion of a new member to our Noor Academy of Arizona faculty Dr. Suha Naush. She will be joining us as a Physical Education Teacher.

She has Bachelor, Master, and PHD degree in Physical Education. She has more than 14 years of experience in teaching Physical Education. She has been well known for her creative teaching strategies, techniques, thoughtfulness and commitment to her work. Dr. Suha’s will be teaching students the importance of physical education in the life and how it affects the life of their families too. Her unique way of teaching is going to help student in academics as well. She believes in teaching the whole person, not just academic subjects.

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Suha to our school and look forward to collaborate with her and learn from her experiences.