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Noor Academy News

Science Fair Winners

Congratulation to all of our Science Fair winners! 

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3rd Grade (Group Project):

1st Place: Lowas Asfour, Yahye Siad, and Maryama Osman

4th Grade: 

1st Place:  Mai Hussein

2nd Place: Amir Abdelhakim

5th/6th Grade:

1st Place: Sherriff Muhammed 

2nd Place: Shahida Popal

7th/8th Grade:

1st Place: Ahmed Djama

2nd Place: Ameena Abdelhakim

3rd Place: Shadi Asfour

Essay Competition Winners

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Congratulations to our Essay Competition winners!

2nd Grade: Sabarin Sharif and Ahmad Hassan

3rd Grade: Abdul Hadi and Maha Alsoubaii

4th Grade: Layan Alnatsheh

5th Grade: Shahida Popal

6th Grade: Malak Alsoubaii

7th Grade: Faisal Omar


Pre-K Field Trip!
Yearbooks On Sale!
Pre-K Breakfast!

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Pre-K Parents! Come join our class for a delicious breakfast that will include pancakes, fruit, and juice!

Friday, April 21st, 2017 from 8:00 am – 9:00 am.

Food Drive


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Our theme at Noor Academy this month is charity! Being charitable and providing for the needy is a major aspect of Islam and the characteristic of a Muslim. The 5th and 6th grade class is holding a food drive to collect canned foods, clothes, and blankets to help the needy and Muslim refugees in our community. The entire school is encouraged to participate and donate whatever they can. No perishable foods or glass containers please. The drive will continue throughout the month of February.




Science Fair Changes

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Please note that the Science Fair date for the upper grades (3rd and up) will be postponed to:

May 3rd, 2017

Pre-K through 2nd grade will still have their Science Fair on the original set date of :

February 23rd, 2017



Honor Roll

Congratulations to students who made the Honor Roll list in the 2nd Quarter! These students have achieved straight A’s and high B’s on their report cards. We are very proud of everyone who made this list and hope to see more students receive this recognition next semester inshallah.


Honor Roll 2nd Quarter

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Abdifatah Abdullahi    

Sabarin Sharif         

Laila Owaynat

Aisha Rage 

Mustafa Osman         

Layan Alnatsheh

Sereen Boumerzoug   

Iwa Abdullahi          

Ahmad Hassan

Asiya Omar              

Khadija Wadood   

Qarshi Omar

Abdiwali Sharif          

Ameena Abdelhakim       

Quran Competition Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of our 2016-2017 Quran Competition! We are so proud of every student that participated in this event.

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Group 1: Pre-K

1st Place: Mohammad Hussein

2nd Place: Noora Quadri

3rd Place: Ali Owaynat

Group 2: Kindergarten

1st Place: Rowda Abdi, Abdalrahman Almohtasib, Asiya Omar

2nd Place: Rahima Popal, Abdifatah Abdullahi

3rd Place: Sumaya Hassan, Zada Hakim

Group 3: 1st Grade

1st Place: Qarshi Omar

2nd Place: Yunis Siad

3rd Place: Abdiwali Sharif

Group 4: 2nd Grade

1st Place: Sabarin Sharif

2nd Place: Aisha Rage

3rd Place: Ahmad Hassan

Group 5: Level 1

1st Place: Maryama Osman

2nd Place: Nabil Fayad

3rd Place: Mai Hussein

Group 5: Level 2

1st Place: Yahye Siad

2nd Place: Abdul Hadi

3rd Place: Shadi Asfour

Group 5: Level 3

1st Place: Maryam Ismail

2nd Place: Mohammad Abdullah Fidai

3rd Place: Iwa Abdullahi, Ahmad Djama

English Spelling Bee Winners!

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Congratulations to all of our 2017 English Spelling Bee winners. We are proud of everyone who participated!


1st Place: Abdifatah Abdullahi

2nd Place: Khadija Wadood

3rd Place: Asiyo Omar

1st Grade

1st Place: Mustafa Osman

2nd Place: Qarshi Omar

3rd Place: Aisha Muhudin

2nd Grade

1st Place: Aisha Rage

2nd Place: Sereen Boumerzoug

3rd Place: Sabarin Sharif

3rd Grade

1st Place: Yahye Siad

2nd Place: Salma Hilowle

3rd Place: Abdul Hadi

4th and 5th Grade

1st Place: Iwa Abdullahi

2nd Place: Kaysaan Zaheer

3rd Place: Abdullah Fidai

6th-8th Grade

1st Place: Maryam Ismail

2nd Place: Ahmad Djama

3rd Place: Faisal Omar