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Reading and Writing Curriculum

The focus of reading and writing instruction at Noor Academy of Arizona is to develop communication skills for all learners.

Technology Curriculum

The Technology Curriculum was designed to provide teachers, parents, and students with a specific articulation of NAA’s expectations of what all children are expected to learn and apply.

Social Studies Curriculum

The focus of the Social Studies cuurriculum is to develop the knowledge and skills in the four interrelated disciplines of history, geography, civics/government, and economics.

Quran and Islamic Studies Curriculum

Our primary objective is to introduce and instill the main teachings of Islam. The school uses a very structured approach to teach Islam as a way of life.

Math Curriculum

The goal of the mathematics program for students in grades K-8 is for students to develop a firm understanding of mathematics concepts, strategies, and algorithms.

Physical Education Curriculum

Our Physical Education Curriculum is committed to developing a positive learning environment that promotes, and motivates students to value a healthy and active lifestyle.

Arabic Curriculum

Our Arabic curriculum recognizes the importance of Arabic as the language of the Holy Qur’an. Our curriculum emphasizes reading, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, and grammar. 

Science Curriculum

Our science program that is developed to be inquiry-based with short and long-term goals. We adapt curricula to student interest, experiences, and abilities.

Co-Curricular Programs

The co-curricular programs play the most vital role in the growth and development of a child. Educators recognize that informal education is even more important for a child than formal education.

Curriculum Objectives

  • Implement the NAA curriculum
  • Integrate the curriculum areas in their instructional delivery.
  • Promote continuity and acquisition of knowledge through the effective use of the adopted curriculum.
  • Provide an Islamic framework and perspective in each subject.

The Continuous Progress Model

  • All students are capable of achieving success.
  • Success leads to more success.
  • Instructive is adapted to improve learning.
  • Clear outcomes, high expectations, and on-going appropriate assessment improve learning.
  • An appropriate level of challenge improves student achievement and engagement.
  • Individualized student learning needs are continually assessed and considered to maximize academic progress.

Curriculum at NAA

  • Clear and measureable targets stated for each target area.
  • Target indicators describe what student success looks like for each target.
  • The adopted curriculum provides a sound foundation for students entering high school.
  • Targets reflect national and state curriculum standards.
  • Refinements are ongoing and reflect student learning needs, best practices, and current research on student learning.
  • The development of an Islamic personality, well trained to lead society in an Islamic direction is the foremost goal of the NAA curriculum.