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by | Apr 23, 2021

April 23, 2021  was the annual essay competition , we would like to announce and congratulate the winners for their great achievements and impressive essays .

Winners names:

 Essay Competition winners are:

Second grade winner is: Deeqa Abdullahi.
Third grade winner is: Mohamed Ghori.
Fourth grade winners are: Israa Haidar and Abdulfatah Abdullahi.
Fifth grade winners are: Kamila Ali and Aaliyah Mohammad.
Sixth grade winner is:  Aya Williams.
Seven and Eighth  grade winner is: Sundus Hussein.
First grade will be recognized as participants.


October 24 , 2019 

Was our Field trip  to Arizona Science Museum. students enjoyed it and learned a lot about the body parts, Forces of pushing and pulling, Identify the design process , different kinds of weather, Land erosion, Students enjoyed fun activities and more.

We appreciate the effort of Noor Academy field trip coordinator Mrs. Fatima Abdelhaq , who arranged this educational and interesting field trip for this year .

5th Grade students created artifacts to reflect on what they learned from their unit in Social Studies. They worked very hard, and later presented their artifacts to the class. The Unit discussed the early civilizations of America. We are very proud of their hard work and efforts.

Aisha Rage: Tepee
Sabrina Sharif: Igloo
Rawda Hassan: Kayak
Saleban Ismail: Hopi Kachina Doll
Alina Shinwari: Chumash home
Aya Williams: Whalebones
Samir Hadi: Harpoon
Abdul Lateef: Lacrosse

Subject teacher : Ms. Amira Wilson