Technology Curriculum

The Noor Academy of Arizona has the vision that all members of their community will have access and knowledge to use the tools of technology to be learners and contributing members of the 21st century.

The Technology Curriculum was designed to provide teachers, parents, and students with a specific articulation of NAA’s expectations of what all children are expected to learn and apply. The Technology Curriculum reflects the best knowledge of the growth and development of children, the current and future needs of children in our community, as well as content that is critical to teach based on the Arizona State Standards in technology.

The structure of the K-8 technology curriculum is developed around strands that encompass the Arizona State Standards:

Strand 1: Essential Technology Skills

Students learn to use computer technology to enhance their learning. Students learn computer operations and keyboarding and develop skills in word processing, presentations and working with spreadsheets and databases.

Strand 2: Conduct Research using Current Technology

Students learn to access and use information to support their daily learning and to enhance daily living. Students access online catalogs, databases, and use CD ROMS and other technical sources.

Strand 3: Apply Technology

Students demonstrate an understanding and application of various curricular content through the integration of technology in teaching and learning activities.

Technology is a set of tools to enhance learning throughout the various curricular areas. Technology provides students with the tools and strategies for solving problems, using information, increasing productivity, and enhancing personal growth. Technology has the potential to fundamentally transform the way students learn.