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“Those who spend (in charity) of their wealth by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve” [Quran 2:274]


Welcome to Noor Academy. As parents, you have taken an important step toward assuring yourselves and your child of a proper education in an Islamic environment. We sincerely hope that your child will find joy and appreciate the peace and happiness associated with the Islamic way of life.


Our school board members, staff and administrators are dedicated to providing opportunities for your children that will enhance their abilities while assuring growth in the present and preparation for the future. We invite you to be active participants in your child’s Islamic educational process through our PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization). We strongly believe that the purpose of Islamic education is to guide our children toward the full realization of their spiritual, intellectual, physical, mental, emotional and social potentials to serve Allah (SWT).


The primary goal of Noor Academy is to create a comprehensive program of teaching and learning experiences for our children within a truly Islamic environment.


Congratulation to all of our Science Fair winners!  3rd Grade (Group Project): 1st Place: Lowas Asfour, Yahye Siad, and Maryama Osman 4th Grade:  1st Place:  Mai Hussein 2nd Place: Amir Abdelhakim 5th/6th Grade: 1st Place: Sherriff Muhammed  2nd Place: Shahida Popal 7th/8th Grade: 1st Place: Ahmed Djama 2nd Place: Ameena Abdelhakim 3rd Place: Shadi Asfour


Congratulations to our Essay Competition winners! 2nd Grade: Sabarin Sharif and Ahmad Hassan 3rd Grade: Abdul Hadi and Maha Alsoubaii 4th Grade: Layan Alnatsheh 5th Grade: Shahida Popal 6th Grade: Malak Alsoubaii 7th Grade: Faisal Omar  


LegoLand Field Trip