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Vision and Mission


Noor Academy of Arizona will be a recognized leader in quality k-12 Islamic and academic education in North America


The mission of Noor Academy of Arizona is to provide an Islamic learning environment that assures the highest academic quality and Islamic personal development. Together with parents, Noor Academy of Arizona will prepare our students to function effectively in an ever-changing world.


Noor Academy Purpose and Goals

We strongly believe that the purpose of Islamic education is to guide our children toward the full realization of their spiritual, intellectual, physical, mental, emotional and social potentials to serve Allah (SWT).

The primary goal of Noor Academy is to create a comprehensive program of teaching and learning experiences for our students within a truly Islamic environment. This program should include the core subjects, the electives, the Islamic Studies and related courses as well as enriched co-curricular activities. Our aim is to develop the Islamic personality in our students so that they will be able to lead their daily lives according to the principles established in Al-Qur’an and exemplified in the words and actions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).