Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

Br. Fuad Alnatsheh


Fuad Alnatsheh has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts, and is currently
enrolled in University of Phoenix pursuing a degree in higher education with a
concentration in Administrative Education. He has received 72+ Professional
Development hours in topics that range from educational practices, to
administrative strategies’, as well as behavioral interventions. He is furthermore a
4th degree black belt taekwondo master. Br. Fuad is currently the principal of Noor
Academy of Arizona. He has been the principal for the past four years, and was
previously a Physical Education and Arabic teacher at NAA for three years. He has
also been an educator in the physical education filed since 1997. Through his years
of experience, and with a new and advanced approach to education, Br. Fuad’s
educational philosophy comprises that students should be provided with an
educational environment that is supportive, ingenious, encouraging, stimulating and
nurturing. Thus, through supporting the educators and the students, and with
constant implementation of the most effective and advanced methods of teaching,
students are provided with a wholesome educational approach that addresses all
the phases of development. His professional goals include researching and
implementing new strategies that enrich the educational experience of the students,
as well as service the teachers with more skills, as they oblige to the common core
standards of Arizona. Br. Fuad lives in the valley with his family, and his wife is also
an educator. His hobbies include golfing, and he loves spending time with his family.

 Email Address : Principal@nooracademyaz.com

Mrs. Fatima Abdelhaq

Lead Teacher/AIMS

I am a mother and grandmother. Working towards raising an educated and responsible Muslim generation inshallah. I have been working in the education field since 1994. I completed my education in Palestine, I taught in Ulurdonieh Secondary school in Ramallah, Palestine from 1994-2002 as first and second grade science teacher. I also taught first through eighth Social Studies.  In 2002 I joined the team of Phoenix Metro Islamic School and I taught first and second grade. Currently I am teaching Language Arts, Math and Science for third grade and Math for fourth grade. Last year I taught fourth grade Language Arts and Quran also I taught fifth grade Quran. Currently I am the lead teacher and the Azella school coordinator. I have professional development in the following areas; Training the unmotivated, practical strategies to Help every student to Succeed with Common Core State Standards. Effective Strategies for working Successfully with difficult and Disruptive Students and Boost Students Reading and Writing Skills with Exciting engaging literacy activities. Guided Math to help Students meet and Exceed state Math Standards. Practical Way to use six Traits of Writing. Informational and Nonfiction skills

Email Address : Fatima.abdelhaq@nooracademyaz.com

Ms. Marwa Abdeldaim

Administrative Assistant

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I introduce myself as the new administration assistant at Noor Academy of Arizona.
The commonality of my experiences is that a school environment works best when there is love, respect and collaboration within the school community. I believe this collaboration will give our students the best possible educational experiences and will continue to build upon a strong foundation and culture that already exists at Noor Academy of Arizona.
I am from Sudan and I have been in Arizona since 2009.
As a school administration , my foundational beliefs are that we prepare students to be kind, productive, prepared, collaborative and problem solving citizens. In order to accomplish this, we must provide a learning environment that is safe and secure for all students and staff.  I realize that differentiated, rigorous, and relevant instruction that meets the needs of each student will be the vehicle to continuing the success that has been experienced. A team approach most definitely is necessary to create and maintain that desired learning environment.
I look forward to meet everyone and being a part of the Noor Academy of Arizona.
“Those who say it can’t be done, are usually interrupted by those doing it.”
Email Address : Frontdesk@nooracademyaz.com


Ms. Madiha Shakeel 

First Grade

Education: M.A English Literature , University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Bachelors: In English Literature and Mass Communication. 

Ms. Madiha Shakeel was born and raised in Pakistan. This is her 5th year in Arizona and 4th year with Noor Academy. She always knew that she wanted to be a teacher. She started her Teaching career in 1999 during her Master’s program. She joined  a highly reputable institution Beacon House International School System from 2001-2003 as a junior high teacher. She came to the USA in 2003 and joined Virginia Tech State University for tutoring International students as an ESL Instructor in Virginia Tech, Blacksburg. She also  has worked as a teacher assistant for elementary level in a private school in 2005-06 in Blacksburg, VA. She moved to Arizona in 2014 and started working as an assistant teacher and substitute teacher in local private schools Including ACA and Awakening Seed School in Phoenix . She attended many workshops and professional development programme . She joined Noor Academy in 2015 as a Kindergarten Teacher for two years. This is her second year as 1st Grade Homeroom. She is continuing Noor Academy  as her 4th year and please to serve the community with dedication and wholeheartedly. She has attended several workshops by Bureau of Research and Education as well as and courses by the Arizona Department of Education during teaching time to polish and enhance practical skills. She is very passionate about learning through teaching and She likes to challenge her students through brain games and activities to boost confidence at an advanced level.  

Ms. Madiha is very  hopeful to have another exciting and wonderful year with her students and their parents.  

Email Address: madiha.shakeel@nooracademyaz.com 


Ms. Sehrish Javeed

2nd Grade

Mrs. Sehrish was born and raised in Pakistan. She moved to US in 2015 and since then living in Phoenix. She is married with three kids. Teaching is her passion. She loves to teach Science and Math. It is her 1st year with Noor Academy of Arizona, and fourth year in teaching career. She earned her Bachelor degree in 2006 From University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi. Then, she worked as full time teacher from 2008-2010 and taught Biology and Chemistry at middle and high school. Ms. Sehrish then started her Master in 2009 and pursued her Master degree in Plant Sciences in 2012 from University of agriculture Rawalpindi. She started her internship in 2013 at Post Graduate College Satellite Town, Rawalpindi and completed in 2014. After moving to USA she qualified for subject matter expert certificate (Biology) from Arizona department of education. At the moment she is a homeroom teacher of the 2nd grade. She is looking forward to have a wonderful year.

Ms. Fatima Abdelhaq

3rd Grade

Mrs. Fatima has been a part of  Noor Academy of Arizona staff since 2012. She has been with Noor Academy of Arizona for 6 years. Prior to teaching at Noor Academy, she taught first grade at Phoenix Metro Islamic School for eight years from 2002-2010. She also taught at Ulurdonieh Secondary school in Ramallah, Palestine from 1994- 2002 as first and second grade Science teacher. She also taught first to eighth Social Studies. She happily completed her education in Palestine. She has professional development in the following areas: Training the Unmotivated, Practical Strategies to Help Every Student to Succeed with Common Core State Standards, Effective Strategies For Working Successfully With difficult and Disruptive Students and Boost Students Reading and Writing Skills With Exciting Engaging Literacy Activities and Guided Reading. She is currently the Lead Teacher and Azella Coordinator. This year she teaches third grade Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Quran. She also teaches fourth and fifth grade Quran.

Email Address : Fatima.abdelhaq@nooracademyaz.com

Ms. Amira Wilson

4th Grade


English Language Arts and Social Studies

Undergraduate Education:

Ashford University

B.A., English Language Learner’s (Cum Laude)

Graduate Education:

Currently attending Arizona State University (Master’s Elementary Education)

Personal Information/Bio:

Mrs. Amirah Wilson is committed to collaborative learning strategies that engages students in a fun and unique way while still allowing them to use their critical thinking skills. Teaching is a passion of hers and was inspired early on during her elementary school years which lead her to become an educator. This is her first year here at Noor Academy of Arizona. She is the English Language arts teacher to our fourth and fifth grade students as well as the Social Studies teacher for grades fourth through eighth. Mrs. Amirah is very dedicated to the learning process of her students. She strongly believes that a learning environment filled with fun, growth, and a sense of family can positively impact the learning of a child. She has taught in various classroom settings from the United Stated to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mrs. Amirah is wife and mother of five children. She loves sports (football, volleyball & basketball). She is also a trained marital artist in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. She and her family love to travel the world. She hopes to retire in Thailand or Egypt…until then, her goal is to complete her Master’s degree in Elementary Education.

Email Address: Antonikah.wilson@nooracademyaz.com

Ms. Zahra Bandrage 

7th grade

Zahra Bundrage has a Masters in Literature and a Bachelor’s in TESOL and Secondary Education with a minor in Language Arts. She has earned both degrees from the University of New Mexicoand was on the Dean’s List graduating with honors. She has endorsements in both Language Arts and Social Studies. She has been a presenter at numerous conferences including her most recent this spring at the NMCTE conference. Zahra has spent the last ten years in education. She was a CYFD Director and 5th grade teacher and soon after expanded the Caesar Chaves ESL learning center where she was both the director and lead teacher. For the last two years she has been the instructor on record teaching English courses at the University of New Mexico. Zahra’s educational philosophy includes a belief that one never stops learning and this is why she is very dedicated to her students because she believes she doesn’t only teach them but, they teach her as well and, that is why she is very excited to be at Noor Academy. Her personal goals include working on her dissertation in ESL education with a focus on minority populations. In her free time Zahra likes to volunteer in minority and refugee programs and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

 Email Address: Zahra.bandrage@nooracademyaz.com





















Ms.Rokeya Omar Agha

6th grade

Rokeya Omar Agha received a B.S. degree  in Chemistry from The University of Mosul, Iraq and is currently teaching KG – 8th grade Arabic at Noor Academy of Arizona in Tempe, Arizona. Mrs. Omar Agha has experience in teaching High School Chemistry in three different continents for a total of more than 30 years. She has also received numerous certificates from both online and onsite in the field of Arabic As a Second Language teaching programs through the ClassRoad curriculum from the University of California, San Bernardino. Due to her highly advanced abilities in instructing Arabic as a secondary language, Mrs. Omar Agha teaches Arabic to  K-8th grades students.  Mrs. Omar Agha makes up songs and catchy tunes for her students to be able to memorize certain words, letters. In addition, she is the Arabic Language Chairperson for Noor Academy of Arizona, a position that she has held from 2008 until present.

Email Address : Rokeya.agha@nooracademyaz.com

Ms. Tasneem Ghandour

7th Grade

My name is Ms. Tasneem from Sudan. I have lived in Arizona for 10 years. I am a mother of five children. Raising children, educating them, and connecting them to our religion are my passion. I graduated from The University of Khartoum, Sudan with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in the fields of Mathematics and Chemistry. Currently, I am the the Math teacher for 5th – 8th grades

email address: tasneem.ghandour@nooracademyaz.com

Ms. Alaa Alian

5th Grade

Ms. Alaa was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Some of her hobbies are; reading, cooking, painting and crafting. She graduated from “Global International School” and then went to Turkey for her bachelor’s degree in Architecture. After graduation she returned back to Saudi Arabia and started her first job as a science teacher for one year. In 2015 she moved to Arizona to complete her masters degree in Elementary Education. Then she worked as an Auto Cad drafter in Homsi Associates. Her job was drawing house plans for clients. Last Year Ms. Alaa joined Noor Academy of Arizona as a subject teacher teaching 3nd through 7th grade Social Studies, Islamic Studies and Science for the 2018-2019 school year. and this year she is 2nd through 7th grade science teacher.  She is also in charge of the AR and Ell program in the school. She is very positive and looking forward for a wonderful year ahead of us.

Email Address : Alaa.alian@nooracademyaz.com

Ms. Shatha Almajali

Computer, IT Operations

Subjects: Computer and Social Studies

Ms. Almajali received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information System from the University of Jordan. She is originally from Jordan, where she worked in the IT department of Royal Jordanian Airlines company. She is a resident of Arizona for the past four years. she worked in multiple positions, including tax work, and volunteering as a teacher assistant in another Islamic school.

This year is the second year for Ms. Shatha at Noor Academy of Arizona . Ms. Shatha is the IT administrator in the school and computer teacher for 3rd grade through 8th grade. In addition, she is the coordinator of AZMERIT test.

Email Address : Shatha.almajali@nooracademyaz.com

Ms. Jakia Showdhury

Kindergarten teacher 

Mrs. Jakia  has been teaching in Noor Academy of Arizonal since 2014. Mrs. Jakia completed her Bachelor degree in English Literature from National University of Bangladesh. She also achieved her certification degree in Early Childhood Education from Mesa Community College, Arizona. She has been working in the field of Early Education since 2012. She attended many trainings related to early education and has received certificates from different organizations including Arizona Department of Education. Mrs. Jakia worked in both public and private schools.

Mrs. Jakia is the youngest child of her parents. Her husband is an Electrical Engineer.  They have a lovely daughter. Besides English language, Mrs. Jakia can speak in Bangla and Urdu. She loves  travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Working with the young children, is Mrs. Jakia’s passion. She enjoys her every moment with the amazing students in Noor Academy of Arizona. She feels very blessed being a part of this school. She dreams to go for a long journey along with Noor Academy of Arizona and help the young flower buds to bloom as a better Muslims.

Ms. Charkreeya Francis

Kindergarten Teacher


  • B.A. Degree   

           Major: Mass Communication, Minor: Advertising Design

  •  Associate in Applied Science: Early Childhood Education
  • Mesa Community College
  • Currently: Working on Early Childhood Education Credential

Ms. Charkreeya Francis has B.A. degree in Mass Communication and Advertising Design,  Bangkok, Thailand. She studied Early Childhood Education at Mesa Community College while volunteering in the Child Development Lab School before graduating with an Associate Degree in 2014. After graduation from MCC, I worked at the Jordan Center for Early Education in the Mesa School District.  Currently she is  working on a second B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms Charkreeya was working as a Program Manager before joining Noor Academy of Arizona. Lastly, I view my teaching, not as a job, but as an honor and privilege to serve!

 taught history in high school before marrying an American citizen and moving to Arizona in 2011. 

Email Address : Charkreeya.francis@nooracademyaz.com