Physical Education Curriculum

Our body is a trust from Allah (SWT) for which we are accountable to Him. A strong and healthy believer is better than a weak one (hadith). The Noor Academy of Arizona Physical Education Curriculum is committed to developing a positive learning environment that instills, promotes, and motivates students to personally value a healthy and physically active lifestyle that enhances the quality of their daily life.


Teachers will use the following guidelines to fulfill the Physical Education curriculum at NAA:

  • Modeling enthusiasm for fitness and physical activity.
  • Demonstrating respect for one another that is desired in the behavior of students.
  • Meeting the same qualitative standards held for all other curricula and educators.
  • Developing student understanding of the benefits of health related physical activities.
  • Designing lessons and units focused on health-related physical activities that ensure students are active an optimum amount of time.
  • Designing lessons that result in students gaining an appreciation, an understanding and an enjoyment of health related physical activities
  • Designing lessons and units that develop personal responsibility in students through setting and monitoring realistic personal goals.
  • Modeling and teaching students sportsmanship, respect for others, and the skills and attitudes necessary for teamwork.
  • Providing students choices within and among activities.