One of Noor Academy of Arizona’s goals is to integrate technology into the school curriculum for students and teachers. Simultaneously, we aim to extend the learning environment beyond the regular school day to support learning as an on-going process. In order to achieve this goal, we have adapted the following technologies into our class rooms:

Smart Board® in every classroom

Smart Board® is an interactive whiteboard which allows students and teachers to present and interact with images projected onto the board. We have found that Smart Board® enhances the way teachers present different ideas and concepts as well as enhances the way students learn. It also increases the Level of Engagement between teachers and
students, making the learning process more flexible and convenient.

A Chromebook® for every student

Chromebooks enhance students’ learning experience since they are easy to use and inherently secure. Chromebooks increase student communication and collaboration opportunities. Using Google Apps with chromebooks give students access to the information they need to be successful in school, and in life.

G-Suite incorporated into the learning environment

Gsuite for education is a suite of productivity tools to help
students and teachers interact seamlessly and securely across
devices. It helps teachers to manage their classrooms with ease. It allows collaboration anywhere